IMPROMAT-COMPUTER also offers solutions in the area of company data management. Company data is often an underestimated source of information. Enterprise Content Management (ECM) solutions represent options for permanently gaining an overview of all types of records used in the organisation. ECM allows the linking of all the knowledge saved in documents, e-mails, web sources and completed projects. It ensures the complexity of the processes, transparency of activities, and the unification of the process for task processing. We therefore help companies to acquire both maximum and effective information from the company documentation.

To ensure that the company processes are simple, we offer help via the Business Process Management (BPM) solution. These systems manage the process across the entire company and simplify cooperation between the people and the systems as well as cooperation with a large number of customers and business partners. The innovative BPM solution allows for the creation, performance, management and monitoring of the more complicated processes while at the same time providing a more effective solution which is able to accommodate to the ever changing environment.