IMPROMAT Group Profile

IMPROMAT is a group of 3 independent companies - IMPROMAT INT., IMPROMAT-COMPUTER and IMPROMAT KLIMA. Satisfied customer is the common goal of all the companies within the group. IMPROMAT INT., the first of the companies, was founded in 1990 and during the following years a strong and solid group that employs more than 150 employees was built upon its foundations.

The IMPROMAT group is focused on the following specialized areas:

  • Complex infrastructure of information and communication technologies (ICT)
  • Air conditioning systems and heat pumps
Profil skupiny IMPROMAT


IMPROMAT-COMPUTER provide comprehensive infrastructure of information and communication technologies (ICT) in the region of the Czech and Slovak Republic. They professionally solve all the standard and individual customer requirements for information and communication technology solutions from design, implementation, to operation, management, and renewal or complete outsourcing. The company is particularly active in the system and service, outsourcing, system, application and hardware infrastructure consolidation, virtualization and "cloud computing", security technologies, multi-licensing and software asset management. The services and solutions are based on a long-term strategic partnership with leading manufacturers of infrastructure technologies (such as HP, HPE, IBM, Microsoft, RED HAT, VMware and others).


IMPROMAT KLIMA is the official wholesale representative of FUJITSU-GENERAL and CLINT for the Czech Republic. The company supplies air-conditioners, heat pumps, chillers, fan-coil units, air-conditioning systems and provides the necessary technical and service background for the products. The company´s strategy is to focus on the premium quality of its products, sales and service support of its distributors and short delivery times of the products and spare parts.