In the area of customer service, our objective is to offer comprehensive care of the information technology from the moment of delivery and installation, throughout the lifespan up to ecological liquidation. The customer service conditions are always made to measure (hardware, software, network administration, prophylaxes, inventory, migration,...) and are implemented in the standard manner or today in a more demanding manner – in the form of outsourcing, where we use our long-term experience in the area of the service offer via this form for large customers (our practical outsourcing experience dates back to 1998).

The solution of activities, respectively of their parts in the area of information technology via a form of outsourcing, bring for the customer a number of very important, economic, organisational and good quality advantages. We are able to implement a made to measure solution for each customer. The customer can be sure that the implemented processes are based on ITIL methodology. This allows the customer to describe measure, evaluate and assess individual activities which eventually mean that the customer can disengage from their worries in relation to the operation of the company and instead fully concentrate exclusively on their business activities.