The consolidation and virtualization of an ICT environment and "cloud computing" offers a fundamental change in the view on and the way of thinking about ICT resources. Besides savings, it increases a company's flexibility in the field of ICT resources and services and strengthens a company's competitive advantage with an ability to respond to current market and business conditions.

Substantial benefits for a company from our point of view:

  • Increase in company's flexibility
  • Reduction of costs of ICT operation
  • Increase in availability and reliability of ICT services
  • Standardization of server environments
  • Minimization of influence on ICT operating systems
  • Unification of testing and operating environment

Optimum design, implementation and operation of a virtualized ICT environment require a professional approach and practical experience. When deciding whether or not to consolidate and virtualize, and what and how, we recommend conducting a complex analysis of the ICT environment.

Our company has certified and experienced specialists at its disposal for the provision of services of the entire process from analysis up to actual implementation and optimisation of a virtualized environment as well as follow-up support.

We do not perceive the area of virtualization only as a self-contained whole but as a complex, highly available environment providing central administration, monitoring, and accounting of resources. At the same time, this "new" type of environment opens up new views, for instance, on security and backup areas.

In the area of virtualization we provide services from virtualization of desktops and servers up to data centres and "cloud computing".